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Policy of Talaga Paca as a Tourism Village (Case Study of Talaga Paca Village) Tobelo Barat District, North Halmahera District

This research entitled Talaga Paca Policy as a Tourism Village, is a stage in the Tourism Village Policy process with processes that are certainly integrated with one another, with efforts to overcome these problems, through a policy process with a set of practices and activities used in the form of symbols. it then communicates a powerful power to change the things that are contained within us (inner space) other people are considered important as well as our society. This research is part of the Community Service activity in Talaga Paca Village. The purpose of this research is to analyze the policy. Infrastructure policies that must be financed for reasons of totality of economic productivity and social welfare of the community, both individuals and groups, including cross-river bridges, lakes, drinking water service networks for the Talaga Paca village community, irrigation networks, and village waste management, highway networks, with the aim of making people self-sufficient in maintaining their potential in the sense that they have the potential to solve tourism problems they face, and are able to meet their needs by acting as dependent on outsiders for help, both government and non-governmental organizations, is one of the global strategies, so that people have and will to maintain and improve their welfar The method used is a qualitative description. The research focus is on the talaga paca policy as a tourism village. Data collection techniques are interviews, observation, and documentation. The results of this study conclude that the attitude of the local government is not serious regarding Talaga Paca as a Tourism Village.

Talaga Paca Policy, Business Economics, Tourism Village

Ibnu Kanaha. (2023). Policy of Talaga Paca as a Tourism Village (Case Study of Talaga Paca Village) Tobelo Barat District, North Halmahera District. Journal of Public Policy and Administration, 7(3), 122-126.

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